Grace Haven Over the Edge To End Child Sex-Trafficking
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Important Information about COVID-19

The health and safety of all participants remain our top priority at Over The Edge and we will continue to monitor and share pertinent information with everyone. We are monitoring the information released by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization for accurate, unbiased coverage of the outbreak.

Over the Edge is one of the few events that actually supports social distancing, especially once the rappelling begins. The event is held outdoors and rappellers have scheduled timeslots so there will not be large gatherings of people at any one time. The area around the Chase building is a big open square so friends and family of rappellers can easily social distance while watching their rappeller make their journey down the building.

In light of COVID-19 concerns, Gracehaven has been working with the City of Columbus and the Over the Edge National Team to ensure the event is a rewarding and safe experience for participants. The event fully complies with the City of Columbus guidelines for large events and gatherings.

The Over the Edge National Team has developed plans for the event during this time of heightened awareness to ensure social distancing and group size restrictions of 10. They have made changes to the event set-up and flow, and are providing personal protective equipment for staff, volunteers and participants. There will also be handwashing stations/sanitizing products and floor markers indicating 6’ distances.

Locally, Gracehaven is also putting considerations in place to ensure safety.

  • Set up social distancing viewing area – including marked off spacing and signage reminding attendees to monitor their social distance.
  • PPE and temperature checks for all volunteers and rappellers. Frequent use of sanitizing wipes to clean surfaces.
  • Developing plans to relocate some event functions to other locations within the Chase Building and outdoor areas in order to maximize social distancing and minimize contact, like box lunch distribution and outside check-in.