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Michael Cornett  I have decided that my charitable efforts are sorely in need of improvement. So, I am starting with Gracehaven.  Gracehaven is an extremely worthwhile charity dedicated to stopping child sex trafficking.   I am sure I don’t need to tell you how important it is to stop this tragedy from occurring.  So, please join our efforts by donating here to Gracehaven.   Furthermore, if I can raise $1,800 for this cause, they will be sending PugsleyTonks over the edge.  On June 16, Fundraisers who raise $1,800 will rappel down the 28 story Chase Tower in downtown Columbus.  Please, please help me in this important effort.  Send me over the edge and help stop child sex trafficking.   PLEASE DONATE NOW.

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Goal: $1,800.00
Achieved: $2,000.00

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