Grace Haven Over the Edge To End Child Sex-Trafficking
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Paul Fuller

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Iron and Truth

Paul Fuller So...I am privileged to get to serve Gracehaven as their interim Director.  That being said, LET'S GO OVER THE EDGE!  This event is AWESOME.  This event raises funds to combat an evil that is nearly unspeakable - child sex trafficking.  The scope of the problem is bigger than you think.  Studies in Ohio have shown over 4,000 children yearly are at risk of being trafficked.  This is likely a low estimate.  The pandemic is setting us up for an even bigger problem.I get to jump off a building with a rope on.  This is fun to me.  The youth we serve - they need the funding to build better lives, to experience relationships in a positive way, to get stable housing for the first time in ages, to go to school, to not be abused and beaten, to ensure being molested and trafficked is not a daily part of their lives.Yep... it's a big deal.It's amazing work.  I'm privileged and humbled to do it.  So thankful I get to.  Please join me in supporting Gracehaven.  Lift up the youth - help them experience the #springtime in a long winter.  Give them hope.Thanks all!God bless.Paul.

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