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Maria Lilly

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Maria Lilly In my first month at a new job, I attended a team meeting with two guest speakers from Gracehaven. That session, five years ago, changed my life forever.I didn’t know how prevalent sex-trafficking was. I was shocked and appalled to learn that 1,100 YOUTH are trafficked, in just Ohio, each year! I didn’t realize the magnitude of the problem. I was one of those ignorant people that assumed this only happens in far-off countries (like Thailand) and those involved made a choice to be a prostitute. I had no idea it effected so many children, that they are preyed upon, groomed, and in many cases coerced or threatened into sex-trafficking! After learning this and listening to the survivor tell her story, with tears in my eyes, I raised my hand to sign up to rappel. As crazy as it sounded, I knew I needed to take action. Another colleague seemed interested in rappelling so I recruited him to form our small two-person team. When I returned to my desk, I felt sick to my stomach for at least three hours and couldn’t get the details of the presentation out of my head. I knew I made the right decision, as crazy as it seemed, to rappel. Since then, I’ve looked down five times, from high atop two 20-something story buildings (317' and 357') in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I’ve never looked back.

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