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Katie Waters Hi friends and family! I'm excited to share that I am participating in Over the Edge in support of GRACEHAVEN. Over The Edge is much like it sounds. I will stand on the roof of The Chase Tower in downtown Columbus and step Over the Edge and rappel 330 feet to the ground! I’m not making this up…check out the event website: https://gracehavenovertheedge.com/I am not asking you to rappel the building with me but I will need your support to get to the top. I am not only pledging to go Over the Edge, but I am also committing to raise $1250 for GRACEHAVEN. The mission of GRACEHAVEN is to provide hope and healing to young girls who have been rescued from the sex-trafficking industry. Your donation is appreciated! Thank you for your support. 

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Goal: $1,250.00
Achieved: $1,320.00

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